About Breast Implants in Kansas City, MO

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Breast size is determined by a person’s genes. Upon attaining full breast development. The size of a woman’s breast fluctuates depending on several factors like pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain or loss and age.

breast-implantAging particularly causes the breasts to sag in a not so pleasant manner. The drooping can be noticed mostly after pregnancy; during breastfeeding and especially afterwards. Irrespective of your breast size, you will notice these changes.

To get breasts back in their normal size, most women resort to breast implants or breast augmentation. Other women simply get breast implants simply because they are not comfortable with their breast sizes and want their breasts to look bigger than they are.

Breast implants consist of an outer shell and a filing volume material which in most cases is silicone gel and in other instances could be salt water also known as saline. Kansas City Breast Implants can either be round-shaped or can also be shaped like breasts i.e. like a tear drop or anatomical implants. Whichever choice you make will of course depend on the outcome you want but either way both are a great choice.

Breast implants are placed in the body through incisions under the breast. They can also be installed around the areola or in the armpit. Implants are usually made to last for up to ten years though in some cases they can last for much longer.

Whichever filling is used on breast implants, the outer shell is usually made of silicone which is a firm material that is also known as silicone elastomer. Silicon is an element which is found naturally and is converted to silicone when it is combined with hydrogen and oxygen.  A lot of research has been carried out to determine whether silicone implants have any side effects and no alarming evidence has been discovered.…

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