How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags With Natural Methods

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Skin tags are a naturally occurring benign growth found on the surface of your skin. They are most commonly found in areas of your body such as your groin, under breasts, or even near your eyes. Medically speaking, skin tags are actually harmless, but when you consider their appearance, it can hinder your self-esteem. If you’re left wondering how to remove skin tags effectively, below are three natural remedies.

  1. Bust Out The Lemon Juice

remove-skin-tagsFresh lemon juice is very acidic and is found not only to be a great antiseptic, but works well to remove skin tags. It starts by drying out the tags and slowly decomposing the cells. To apply the juice, use a cotton ball and apply it to the skin tag directly. Don’t wipe it off, just let it dry and with enough applications, the tag will fall off.

  1. Fig Stem Juice Application

Another natural remedy you can use for skin tag removal is fig stem juice. To try this remedy, you will need to blend fig stems together to properly extract the juice. Use the same method of direct application as you would with the lemon juice. You can start to see positive results in as little as four weeks if you apply the juice three times a day.

  1. Fresh Garlic Removes Tags

You can dry out those pesky skin tags by using garlic which has been proven to contain anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. To use garlic for direct application, grab four cloves and ground them up. This will create a paste you can apply and keep in place with a bandage.

If you wonder how to get rid of skin tags naturally, you need not look any further than home remedies. Plenty of plants and vegetables you find at home can aid in the removal process.