In the Shadows

In the Shadows

A Samuel Seo X Reader Review

Samuel always hated the smell of cigarettes. It made him feel all dirty and unkempt. But now he had to deal with it. He was now the president of Big Deal and had to mingle with people.

He didn’t expect [M.Name] to show up at his door, covered in blood. He felt his heart beat erratically as [M.Name] cared for his wounds.

The Smell of Smoke

Samuel Seo was a tough gangster who had the innate ability to fight. He was the executive of the Fourth Affiliate of Workers and had a very vicious fighting style fueled by his inferiority. He could tank headbutts from Jake, Olly, and Johan and he was easily stronger than Warren and Eli at their prime.

He would often watch [M.Name]’s stream and he was completely captivated by him. He had been trying to ignore him but it wasn’t easy. His heart raced whenever he saw the [h/c] haired male’s face.

Then he saw a notification on his phone, a stream from the mysterious male. It was a mission question. He had to answer it. Getting missions was fun but it was also dangerous and painful when you failed. It was more pain than he was used to. But he still answered it anyway. He couldn’t let the mission take away his chances of seeing the h/c male.

The Look of Loneliness

As he sat on his bed in his robes, he looked up when Samuel entered. He gave him a soft smile, his tattoos showing as he rolled up the sleeves of his white button up.

He was a good man, he tried to be. He didn’t want to hurt anyone if he could help it, even if that meant going against the rules of his gang. He had a lot of positive characteristics in him that were buried under all the negative ones from his past, but it was hard to let them out.

He saw you in Big Deal, a look on your face that said so many things. You were carrying a heavy burden that you couldn’t share and he was the one who comforted you and made you feel like everything would be okay. He hoped to make you happy and he thought he did, but you weren’t satisfied.

The Smell of Desperation

The smell of smoke clings to Samuel’s skin, the stench overpowering everything else. You complain about it, but he just shrugs and continues smoking. It’s one of his vices and addictions, and he needs it. Besides, he’s used to it.

Whenever you get one of those missions from Eugene, Samuel will be waiting in his office, his body smelling of cigarettes and sweat. He’ll be a little on edge and overanalyzing his behaviour, but nothing major.

He’ll keep observing you to confirm his suspicions about your relationship with the [h/c] haired male. If he’s right, he’ll play dumb and tell you that the person ghosted them. He’ll offer to take you out that night to make up for it. He’ll do whatever it takes to prevent you from finding out the truth. He’ll sabotage them or blackmail them. If you ever suspect he’s playing you, just look at his face. It’s all a game to him.

The Smell of Love

As he sat on the balcony with his favorite brand of cigarettes, he began to miss you. He remembered your voice, the way your hair swept over your face and how you always smiled at him. It was the kind of smile that could melt the hardest heart.

He used to sit beside you during gang meetings and share his drinks with his arm around your shoulders. You offered him your home and helped him get back on his feet after he left Big Deal. You were the comfort he sought when he was at his lowest.

After being beaten by Jake Kim and Olly in a fight, Samuel was demoralized. However, this awakening sparked something within him and he started to develop a brutal fighting style. He now beats his friends easily and even takes on the head of Workers 3rd affiliate. He hasn’t gone to a teacher or learned a specific fighting style, just raw abilities.

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