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Kim Seol Hyun

Kim Seol-hyun, aka Seolhyun, is a popular actress and singer from South Korea. She has starred in television dramas Orange Marmalade, My Country: The New Age, and Awaken as well as film Memoir of a Murderer.

Her upcoming drama Shop of the Lamp is her first foray into comedy mystery but she says she’s not intimidated.


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The Killer’s Shopping List

A gruesome murder takes place in the neighborhood of MS Mart, where Ahn Dae-sung works. With a knack for uncovering clues hidden in ordinary visuals and remarkable memorization skills, he begins to dig into the murder case using mart receipts as evidence.

Lee Kwang Soo, who has appeared on Running Man and The Greatest Seducer, stars in this comedy-mystery thriller alongside AOA’s Kim Seol hyun. He plays Ahn Dae-sung, a former memorization genius who has failed the 9th grade civil service exam and now supports his mother Jeong Myeong-sook by working at the local supermarket.

Seol hyun plays Do Ah-hee, a police officer and Dae-sung’s doting girlfriend. She is passionate about her job and is dedicated to protecting the neighborhood. Director Lee Eon-hee expressed the desire to create a local, close-knit supermarket where workers are aware of customers and understand them better than their own family members. This is achieved with the help of a wide range of supporting actors, including Ryu Yeon Seok as the CEO of Venus Real Estate and the mysterious grandpa “Nunchuck.”

Summer Strike

Life in a hectic city can be exhausting, and Seoul is no exception. Blaring alarms, rushing to catch trains, and the endless pressure to succeed are all part of a routine that can wear on anyone. That’s why it’s no surprise that countless burnt-out city slickers are leaving their lives behind and heading to the countryside in search of peace and tranquility.

Summer Strike stars Seolhyun as Lee Yeo-reum, a woman who is fed up with her rat race existence. After getting dumped by her boyfriend and losing her mother, she decides to take a “strike” from her life and move to a small seaside town. There, she meets shy librarian An Dae-beom (Im Si-wan of Hospital Playlist).

The drama features sweet and natural chemistry between the two leads. However, it is worth noting that the romance side of the story is slow-burn and not for those who prefer more passionate scenes and skinship. Despite these flaws, it’s an enjoyable watch thanks to its fresh leads.

Shop of the Lamp

The webtoon Shop of the Lamp by Kang Full has received widespread recognition for its story and is set to be adapted into a K-drama starring Ju JiHoon. It’s not the first time that Kang Full’s work has been adapted into a drama—his other webtoons like “The Neighbor”, “Crush On You”, and “Ba: Bo” have already received successful adaptations.

The Offset Sublevel introduced the Lamp Shop that sells items to the player. It features a new, boppy music only used for the sublevel and an Inverted Shop Keeper who interacts with the player with different dialogue than the regular Shop Keeper does.

Lamp is a band that is known for their feel-good sound. They recently released their latest album, Kanojo no Tokei, in May 2018. In this series of interviews, we got to speak with the members about this great release. Check them out! You can listen to their songs on their official website and Bandcamp.

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